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Zeke’s Story

It was 1993, when DIA was being built; there was also a huge housing development going up in the same area. I worked just south of there. It was about seven o’clock in the morning and as I approached the office, this very skinny German Shepherd came around the bush and just stood there looking at me. I could see all his ribs, and his choke chain looked like it was being absorbed by the skin just under his jaw. He was extremely weak, frightened, and shaking. I started talking to him. A sudden softness came into his eyes and I knew he was asking me for help.

German Shepherd Rescue of the Rockies - Zeke

I walked to my car and he followed. When I opened the door he didn’t have the strength to jump up so I lifted him and he just calmly lay down and rested. I took him home to nurse him back to health, but everything he ate or drank came right back up. By day two, I realized he needed medical attention to survive. The first vet I took him to said he didn’t have a chance and should be put down. I told him that this dog hadn’t given up and neither would I, so we went to the next vet who helped me start him on the path to recovery.

By the end of three months, he had gained almost 15 pounds, but that was just the start. When he was done, he topped out at 94 pounds at just under two years old. He was full of life and energy, and saw everything as a new challenge to explore. He didn’t have tags on his chain, so I couldn’t track down the owner. I watched the papers and called local shelters, but no one claimed him. This made me very happy to know he was going to be a part of our family with two other dogs and four cats. I sat down with Zeke and had a long talk about how we were going to be a family. I knew he understood, as he sat there listening to every word, and then gave me a kiss as to acknowledge that this was okay by him.

One hot summer day I was driving and Zeke was lying down on the back seat (he took up the whole seat). Suddenly, this man in the next car started making obscene gestures and yelling profanities. I slowed down to let him pass, but he also slowed down. I sped up – so did he. After many blocks of this, I was pretty scared. I calmly said, “Zeke, help Mommy.” This dog stood up, put his massive head out the window, stared directly at that man, and gave him a soft, but firm, growl. It was as if Zeke read my mind as he never once averted his gaze from that man. Needless to say, the man suddenly got very quiet and when the light turned green, he didn’t advance forward. Zeke never released his stare, and the man made the first left turn possible. At the same time, Zeke put his head on my shoulder and gave me a kiss as if to say, “You’re safe now Mom.” He lay back down and resumed his nap. Many times Zeke did things that were just enough to get the point across that he would protect me. Zeke never ceased to amaze us with his personality, perception, and antics that always made us smile. I took the time to help this abandoned dog and was grateful to have thirteen loving years with him. Zeke was my “once in a lifetime” dog.

I had never been around German Shepherds before, Zeke made me realize what magnificent creatures they are; with their dedication, their intelligence, and their unconditional loyalty as a true companion. After saving Zeke, I became involved with rescuing stray dogs, volunteering at various shelters and organizations, and reporting neglect cases when I saw them. It wasn’t until I met Mickey and the volunteers with Front Range German Shepherd Rescue (FRGSR) that I really learned about the unique qualities of the German Shephered Dog (GSD) and how complete they can make a family. In the three years I spent with FRGSR I had the pleasure of meeting hundreds of GSDs, and grew to understand the rescue’s dedication to them. I know this is where God wants me to be – so I formed GSROR to help even more dogs in need.