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From a puppy-mill, to a misinformed owner, to our rescue, 12 month old Bella came to us on January 20th and was about 20 pounds underweight. Bella is shy and submissive – not anything like what her owner wanted or expected in a GSD, so they gave her to us. Concerned about her low weight since coming into rescue, Bella has been to the vet numerous times to diagnose why she is not gaining weight, as she eats very well. Multiple tests were run; blood work for EPI, and thankfully, the tests results came back normal. We are feeding her as if she has food allergies but have seen no change in her and therefore we will need to explore the possibility that she has IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease). Between the weekly vet visits, special food, medications, blood tests, and one hospital stay for dehydration, Bella’s vet is at $366.55 to date and rising.

Bella’s update – she is still not gaining any weight so we have started her on prescription food with pancreatic powder to help her system digest her food properly. If this does not help her she will be going through surgery to do a biopsy on her digestive track. We would really like to take Bella to see an eye specialist as she has difficulty following objects, this will increase her medical costs as we all know how expensive specialists are.

Bella Update 2 – Bella is doing much better.

Update 10/17/14


Bella is still waiting for her special family to come take her home. She is doing so much better and no more trips to the vet as she is able to keep all her food in her tummy now. She is a happy girl that loves to run like a greyhound and play with all the other dogs. If you think Bella would be a wonderful addition to your family please click on this link and submit an application for her.