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We pulled Kadin from a local shelter when his owners no longer wanted him, dumping him like he did not matter. Kadin was only 6 months old at that time and was in need of medical treatment. Kadin’s whole body was covered in ringworm, he had giardia and an internal infection which resulted in having no control of his bladder. Kadin has a sever limp on his right front leg and his back hips were just a little off and needless to say our puppy could not run. We already spent close to $2000 just to get everything figured out and all his infections treated. Happy to say all the infections are gone – yippiee!

Kadin was taken to a specialist for diagnosis on his legs and it turns out that our puppy was born with poor bloodline genes and 3 of his 4 legs are suffering. Kadin has elbow dysplasia and double hip dysplasia. The most important thing for us to do now to help him – is fix his elbow and then follow up with physical therapy. The vet said he hips can wait until he has fully recovered from this first surgery. Who knows maybe Kadin will have found his forever family by that time and hips can be reevaluated by his new family vet.

Kadin has an outstanding personality and temperament. He enjoys playing with toys, other dogs and food !!! He listens well and is a smart little boy who enjoys puzzles. Sadly Kadin’s body just can not keep up with the things a normal puppy wants to do, which is run 🙂 These limitations have not effected his spirit of making the most out of life and enjoying every second.

GSROR is entirely volunteer-run and we exist solely by the financial support of our followers. Any amount you decide to donate will be very much appreciated and will make a difference in helping Kadin on the road to having a normal, happy, healthy life—no amount is too small—

You can donate through PayPal on our website at or mail your check to GSROR, P.O. Box 1481, Westminster, CO 80036

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