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Kody’s Story

Kody’s Mom adopted him just three weeks ago and at that time, thought he had a minor tooth infection, which was being treated by antibiotics. While this seemed to help somewhat, it was apparent that he was not getting any better.

Kody was referred to a specialist, who determined that he had a much more serious condition, acute peritonitis disease. A costly surgery was the only way to save him.

Kody’s Mom had to save her newly adopted boy, so she borrowed money from friends and family and maxed out her credit cards to pay for the surgery. Between vet visits and the surgery, she spent close to $3000, and our goal is to raise at least $2400, if not all.

Kody’s Story continues

During the dental surgery, they found out that Kody has an autoimmune disorder that will require a specialist to do further tests and diagnoses, once he has recovered from his recent surgery.

As a part-time worker, full-time student, and now, a dedicated and loving owner of a rescued German Shepherd, Kody’s Mom needs some help. She reached out to GSROR
to see if we could help her to help Kody. Of course, we could.

Kody is a sweet, well-behaved boy who loves everyone and every creature he meets. His new Mom wants nothing more than for him to be pain-free, happy, and healthy.

We are a small organization and depend solely on donations from people like you, dog lovers, who know what it is like to be desperate to save your child. Any help you can offer this new owner with Kody’s unexpected bills would be greatly appreciated. We Thank You, the wonderful German Shepherd Community, on the behalf of Kody’s Mom and GSROR.

Update – 04/04/13

Kody’s mom would like to thank everyone for their donations to help pay for the surgery to get Kody healthy. He is a very happy boy now for the first time in a long time and is out with mom at the park having a picnic to celebrate his new smile.

We are still in need of money to help as Kody has an auto immune problem that the vets need to start tackling. Any donations are appreciated.

Update – 04/24/13

Kody is doing much better now; our vet informed me that when I first brought him in right after I adopted him; his periodontal disease was so sever he was considering euthanasia, which scared me, because it was never an option for me to lose my new baby. But now he has recovered so well that we can start looking into treating his other health issues, other extractions, and the auto-immune disease.

On top of all the love he can get from us, he does receive a lot of home care that we do every day. I brush his teeth twice a day and there is an ointment I put on his gums every morning, then weekly, I put some stuff on his teeth that is to guard against the build up of the tartar. This has all been a bonding time for us and has made us so much closer. He is on special diet prescription food that you can only buy from a Vet, and I am doing everything in my power to help him heal, and get better.

He is a very happy boy now and feels so much better. I wanted to let you know that he has gained the much needed weight and is now up to 74 lbs and his coat looks magnificent. He is eating like a champ, and we play lots of ball. He got to go to a new dog park on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed that. We are still hoping that we can receive a few more donations to help us get him up to 100% and live life the way he should

Kody at Picnic