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Leo is a 5 yr old German Shepherd Dog (GSD) boy that back in November of 2011 collapsed on a ladies front yard in Arkansas. He was skin & bones, weak and very sick. Missy took him to the vet where they found hook worms and tape worm in him which caused the bloating in his abdomen. After a blood test they also found that he tested positive for heart worm. They started treatment for the intestinal worms but would not treat the heart worms until he was stronger. He was transported to German Shepherd Rescue of the Rockies (GSROR) on January 7th and was is really bad shape. He stumbled when he walked and was disoriented and confused. Leo didn’t show any interest in eating for 3 days after arriving, turning away from every kind of food presented to him, even baby food. He was taken to the rescue vet where they told me that even though he was extremely thin and weak they had to start treatment on the heart worm or he was a good candidate for a heart attack before the end of the week. His blood panel came back normal except for the white cell count which was almost triple of normal. He was put on 3 kinds of medications after x-rays and blood work on top of that painful injection.

Leo started to go downhill 2 days after seeing the vet and was taken in for 2 more visits before landing in ER on Sunday 1/15. The ER vet said his lungs were filled with fluid, as well as his abdomen because his heart was not functioning properly – he was in distress. His chances of survival were less than 50% and we should consider putting him down. Leo waited 2 months to come into rescue to get the help he was needing – I just couldn’t put him down. So he spent the night at the hospital and when I picked him up in the morning there was a reduction of the fluids and he was showing signs of improvement. But his journey wasn’t over. I took Leo to a cardiologist and after many more tests we discovered that his heart was now back to normal, but the fluid in his lungs was now the top priority, he was still on the verge of dying if we couldn’t reduce this. Also the heart worms were beginning to die off and that was another concern as to if they were going to cause clotting in his present condition. Leo’s blood levels were now all out of whack and they couldn’t treat anything until they got him stable and his lung infection under control. The bloating in his tummy was already being absorbed by his body but there are still many things causing this baby problems.

Leo has shown us that he wants to live and he is depending on us to help him have that opportunity. Just in the 8 days that he has been in rescue, his vet bills have been almost $2,100 and he will need his medication refiled soon. Just 2 of the medications he requires cost over $300. In three weeks Leo will need to go back for x-rays, blood work, an echo cardiogram, and another heart worm treatment. We are a small rescue and rely solely on donations and adoption fees to cover our vet expenses. We are not financially able at this time to cover this kind of expense and we are reaching out to all of you for donations to help us keep helping Leo. He is a fighter and he needs your help to win this battle.

Update 01/27/2013

Sadly to say the heartworm disease took Leo’s life. He was laying in the living room of his foster home and had a seizure, by the time we made it to the ER he was having one seizure after another. The doctor said that one of the worms must of traveled up to his brain and caused this to happen. Leo laid peacefully in my arms as he crossed the bride and the doctor and I both held him as we cried. The only good thing about this wonderful boy leaving us to soon is that we think he finally knew what love and kindness were and he crossed the bridge with happy thoughts of his 21 days in rescue with playing with toys, a soft bed to lay on, plenty of food to eat and nice people to care for him. Rest in peace sweetheart.